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Harry CHANG   General Manager, Global Strategy Office, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., LTD

Harry Chang graduated from Seoul National University in Korea, where he received a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering in 1997. In 2009, he earned his MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis as a Dean’s Scholar. He joined KHNP (then-KEPCO) in 1998 and began his career working at Hanul Nuclear Power Plant as an Operator. He obtained a Reactor Operator License for a 1,000MW-class PWR reactor. After gaining hands-on experience at Hanul Nuclear Power Plant, he continued his career by holding various technical and commercial positions in the KEDO (Korean peninsula Energy Development Organization) Nuclear Power Project, which entailed construction of two units of nuclear power plants in North Korea. Subsequently, he then worked at the Technology Policy and Planning Department and actively participated in and led the establishment of the national and company-wide nuclear technology R&D plan. One of the projects he initiated and laid the foundation for was the APR1400 Design Certification Project. He acted as the company representative at KHNP’s Washington DC Office from 2012 to 2015, managing the APR1400 Design Certification Project by communicating with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He also expanded KHNP’s relationship with utilities, vendors, and organizations in the U.S. Currently, Harry Chang is leading Korea’s effort to pursue the Czech Republic’s New Build Project.

Andreas GOEBEL

Andreas GOEBEL   President and CEO of ATMEA, an AREVA and MHI company

Andreas Goebel began his career 30 years ago in the nuclear business within Siemens/KWU. In 1993 A.Goebel became EPR technical project manager within NPI (Nuclear Power International) in Paris coordinating the different EPR design phases between its Shareholders - Framatome and Siemens - and the German & French Utilities. In 2000 A.Goebel joined Areva SAS as Project Manager for the Modernization and Rehabilitation Program for two Ukrainian NPP’s under construction (K2&R4). In 2003 A.Goebel was nominated Deputy Project Director for the Finnish EPR (OL3) project during 6 years. From 2010 until June 2013 Andreas Goebel is responsible for the Footprint Strategy and Planning Division of Engineering & Projects within Areva. Since July 1st, 2013 Andreas Goebel has been appointed by the ATMEA Board of Directors President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMEA.


Aleš JOHN   Chairman, Independent Public Safety Committee for Dukovany site

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Brno University of Technology (1972). In the year 1986 he finished his postgraduate studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava (Nuclear Energy and Ecology), and in 2003 he received MBA degree from the PIBS. His career in the energy sector began in 1982 at Dukovany NPP. There he held various management positions starting as a Chief Engineer for Radiation Protection, continuing as Deputy Director of Safety, to the Director of Dukovany NPP (1987–2002). During the years 2003–5 he was with ČEZ Division of NPP where he held high positions relating to external and international relations. In connection with this position he was associated with FORATOM in Brussels, where he acted till the end of 2007. In the period 1994–2010 he was the WANO Moscow Center Governing Board Chairman and a member of the Board of WANO. In April 2008 he was appointed as CEO and Chairman of Board of the Nuclear Research Institute Rež where he worked until 2013. Now he has been partner and independent expert in Via-Alta.a.s., he is works as member of expert group WANO MC, member and vice-president of Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic, Chairman of the NPP Dukovany Civic safety committee and member of the Association of Czech nuclear veterans. He publishes articles focused on nuclear energy, and often presents his views at conferences with themes Nuclear Energy, International Cooperation, Communications.


Karel KATOVSKÝ   Institute of Power Energy, Brno University of Technology

Karel Katovský graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (2001) in nuclear engineering, focusing his thesis on the Theory and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. In his “alma mater” he continued at doctoral studies, during which he spent a year as fellow in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Moscow). After obtaining his PhD. degree he acted partially as a lecturer in Brno University of Technology, and at Physics department of SKODA JS (in Dukovany site, fuel rod optimization.) as well. Since 2008 he worked at the Institute of Power Energy, Brno University of Technology, where he is teaching the nuclear energy, leading bachelor's, master's and doctoral dissertation and solving scientific and research projects.
Together with colleagues from the CTU is one of the initiators of the Summer School of Nuclear Engineering, which is held for 9 years, and more than 200 students from seven Czech universities had undergone it. He is a member of the Committee of the Czech Nuclear Society, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education for the cooperation of the Czech Republic and JINR Dubna, member of the Board of the Czech Nuclear Education Network (CENEN), a member of the expert committee for nuclear energy under the Energy Association Třebíčsko.


Miroslaw LEWINSKI   Counsellor, Nuclear Energy Department, Ministry of Energy

Mr. Lewinski is M.Sc. Engineer. He has been working in the Ministry of Economy (and predecessors of this Ministry) since early 80s. During this period he coordinated extensive assessment project comprising various industrial sectors. Later on he worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Stockholm as the Head of the Economic and Trade Section. The experience obtained during the period directly before entering the European Union as well as the knowledge on the international relations and situation should enable Mr. Lewinski to realize the not easy task of elaboration and creation of the legal, institutional and social base for the functioning of the nuclear energy in Poland. Shortly was Mr. Lewiński the Director of the Nuclear Energy. As for now he is the Counsellor to the Minister and deals mainly with the Human Resources Development for the needs of the nuclear power in Poland. Apart of that he is: the member of the Management Board for the Development, Application and Validation of Nuclear Data and Codes of the Data Bank of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD and the member of the Steering Committee of the scientific strategic project “The technologies supporting the safe implementation of the nuclear power in Poland”.


Jiří MAREK   NERS 2016 Conference Chairman

Jiri is the consultant in the field of power industry and is the Partner & Head Executive of JMM Consulting, Ltd. – a company focused on advisory services and organization of professional activities. After graduating from the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Technical and Nuclear Physics, he worked in research; he has been working in the power industry field since 1974 (until 1996 in ČEZ). For the last twenty years, he was the advisor of the Minister of Industry and Trade, chairman and vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of ČEZ, a member of supervisory boards in several energy distribution companies and an advisor of Deputy Ministers of Finance. In these positions, he was dealing with the reorganization of state administration in power industry, the development of state energy policy, the establishment of the State Office for Nuclear Safety and with the preparation of the privatization of Czech power industry. He is occupied by publication activities, mainly in the field of nuclear power industry and has wide experience in organizing of international and specialized professional conferences and meetings. His positions are quoted on TV, radio and in economic periodicals. In 2014 Jiří was elected the President of the Association of Czech Nuclear Veterans.


Ioanna METAXOPOULOU   Head of Unit Nuclear energy, nuclear waste and decommissioning,
DG Energy, European Commission

Ioanna Metaxopoulou has extensive experience within the European Commission which she joined in 2001. As economist by profession, she has worked mainly in DG REGIO, which is responsible for regional policy, one of the EU's main investment policy areas and in DG ECFIN in the unit dealing with the 'Financing of climate change, infrastructure policies and Euratom' where she contributed to the design of the Investment Plan for Europe.
Ms. Metaxopoulou recently joined DG ENERGY's unit responsible for 'Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning' within the Directorate for "Nuclear Safety and Fuel Cycle", where she is Head of Unit. The main activities of the unit are: monitoring of the Nuclear Decommissioning Assistance Programmes for Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovakia, implementation of Euratom secondary law on radioactive waste and spent fuel and monitoring developments in the nuclear energy industry.


Jan MLÁDEK   Minister of Industry and Trade

He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague (1983) and passed two-years´ course in Mathematics and Physics Faculty of Charles University (1989). He obtained the PhD. degree in the Prognostics Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1990). During the period of 1991-2 he was appointed as the Deputy Federal Minister of Economy and from 1999 to 2001as the Deputy Minister of Finance. In the years 1993-8 he cooperated with the Central European University, Prague/Budapest on the study of the transformation and privatization of the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe; also acted in the civil service - adviser to the Minister of Trade and Industry, member of the Steering Committee for the privatization of banks and representative of the Czech National Bank Governor in the International Monetary Fund. Between June 2002 and December 2005 he was a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament; he held the position of the Minister of Agriculture during the years 2005-6. In October 2013 he was elected a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, and became the Minister of the Czech Government. He has published many scientific papers at home and abroad. His main fields of interest include systemic changes and macroeconomic regulation, privatization, restructuring and industrial policy.

Ondřej NOVÁK

Ondřej NOVÁK   Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Ondřej graduated at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, CTU in Prague. Now is PhD student ibidem. His research interest contains reactor core lattice physics and depletion calculation and in core measurements. Ondřej spent 6 month as a research IAEA fellow at the University of Tennessee, where he participated at hexagonal geometry code modification development. Among others Ondřej is interested in monitoring the broader context of word nuclear sector development.

Zdeněk ŠÍMA

Zdeněk ŠÍMA   Executive Head, Rosatom Central Europe

Zdeněk graduated from Prague School of Economics, major in foreign trade. Since 1983 he has been working at Skodaexport. Foreign experience was gained during his long-tem stay in Pakistan in 1989-92, executing power generation and metallurgy projects. During next years in Skodaexport, he was responsible for numerous projects abroad, mainly in power sector, metallurgy and oil & gas. Since 2009 he has been working for ČEZ, Department of new NPPs construction, being responsible for commercial management of projects. After a short employment at Chladici veze Praha he joined Rosatom, a Russian state-owned conglomerate, in 2012.
At present, in Rosatom Central Europe he is responsible for marketing entity especially for Czech Republic; Rosatom Central Europe manages its branch offices in Slovakia and Hungary.

Václav ŠÍSL

Václav ŠÍSL   Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Václav is second year student of a master program in Nuclear Engineering at CTU Prague. After earning a bachelor's degree at CTU, he went abroad to spend a semester at KTH Stockholm. During his studies in Sweden he participated, among others, at an intensive two-week course on the disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Another international experience was obtaining of an IAEA fellowship which enabled him to participate at the program of Intercontinental Nuclear Institute.


Ján ŠTULLER   Authorized Representative of the Government in charge of nuclear energy

Jan Stuller graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering (FJFI) of the Czech Technical University, where he received a M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering 1982. After several years working in the Skoda Works (construction and commissioning of Czechoslovak NPPs) and in the Czechoslovak Atomic Energy Commission (inspector for nuclear safety), and after a special training in nuclear safety regulatory practices in U.S. NRC, Mr. Stuller was appointed the Chief Inspector and Chairman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) in January 1, 1993. In this position, which he held until 1999, he was responsible for the national regulatory framework in nuclear and radiation safety in the Czech Republic. From 1999 until 2008, Mr. Stuller continued his career in different positions at the International Atomic Energy Agency. As the Special Assistant for Scientific and Technical Affairs, he served as an advisor to the Director General of the IAEA and as the Head of the IAEA TC Europe Section, he coordinated the planning and implementation of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme in South East Europe and Central Asia.
After returning from his mission to the IAEA he held high position at State Office for Nuclear Safety in the field of licensing and nuclear installation assessment. He was appointed as Authorized Representative of the Czech government in charge of nuclear energy in June 2016.


Mike WAITE   Director of New Plant Market Development, Westinghouse Electric Company

Mike Waite received his BEng Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 from Bath University. He joined Westinghouse in 2009 and has since gained great experience in European, North African, Middle Eastern and South East Asian markets. Prior to joining Westinghouse, Mr. Waite enjoyed 10 years in senior management positions in companies designing and manufacturing products for the global nuclear industry. He has spent his career working for major multinational corporations and has been based on 3 different continents.
Mike Waite is, the Director of New Plant Market Development for Westinghouse Electric Company and is the market lead for new and emerging Nuclear Power Plant opportunities.

Mao Chun YANG

Mao Chun YANG Deputy General Manager, Department of International Nuclear Power Business Development,
China General Nuclear Power Corporation

Mao Chun (Matthew) Yang has been working in CGN since 1988. He worked in Daya Bay NPP for 17 years from 1988 to 2005, as the head of radiation protection section, the head of health physics division (including radiation protection, industrial safety, fire fighting, emergency preparedness, and occupational health management), and the head of chemistry and environment protection (including chemistry and environmental protection). In 2005, he became the deputy manager of Daya Bay NPP audit department. In 2009, he became the Deputy General Manager of the Investment and Business Development Department of CGN, and in 2011 the Deputy General Manager of International Business Development Department of CGN.

Patrick ZAK

Patrick ZAK   Pre-Development & Marketing Director, EDF – New Nuclear Projects and Engineering

Patrick Zak, who graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines de Douai, joined EDF in 1982. He has been working for EDF for 30 years and occupied various management positions in different nuclear plants within EDF fleet, among which Cruas where he was appointed as Head of Operation Department from 1993 to 1998.
He has an international background as he was involved for operation in Daya Bay nuclear project in China in beginning 1990s, later appointed in EDF subsidiaries in Poland from 1999 to 2004 where he was head of commercial department in EC Krakow (1260 MWth / 460MWe cogeneration plant owned by EDF) and member of the board of EC Zielona Gora (coal cogeneration plant) in charge of a CCGT project (combined cycle gaz turbine). Back in France, he has been appointed as deputy project manager of UK EPR project in Engineering Division of EDF before being nominated as deputy head of EDF China Division in Beijing, in charge of development and asset management. Since the begining of 2016 is Mr Zak working in the “Development Division” of “New Nuclear Projects and Engineering Direction” as Predevelopment & Marketing Director.


Jiří ŽĎÁREK   Vice-President for business development, Division of Integrity and Technical Engineering, UJV Rez a.s.

His Master studies were finished on Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering, Department of Material (1978), Czech Technical University in Prague. His carrier started at Sigma Research Institute in Prague-Modrany. At the same time he started his PhD studies on low cycle fatigue under high temperature. He received scholarship for 14 month PhD studies at the Pennsylvania State University/USA. His PhD was finished at the Prague Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Material under leadership from academician Jaroslav Nemec in 1975. After that he was one year on post doctoral studies at the Sheffield University, also performing research on the low cycle fatigue. In the Sigma Research Institute he was leading Department of experimental studies on piping components specifically for NPP A1 in Jaslovske Bohunice and for all NPPs in SR and CR. From the year 1989 he was working in UJV Rez a.s. as Director od Division of Integrity and Technical Engineering with main activities to perform all necessary work to justify integrity and long term performance of all key components at VVER Units in operation. At present time he is leading experimental work for confirmation the In Vessel Melt Retention Strategy for VVER 1000 Units. He is leading Task 4 in the European project Horizon 2020 IVMR with goal to build large scale experiment with VVER 1000 configuration to prove the external cooling of the RPV during the SA scenario.